Menchville Students Celebrate Cinco de Mayo

Some say that Cinco de Mayo is the celebration of Mexico’s independence, however, this is not the holiday’s origin. According to USA Today, Cinco de Mayo actually celebrates the Mexican victory at the battle of Puebla on March 5th, 1862.   Mexican Independence Day occurs on Sept. 16th.

Over the years the holiday has migrated from its roots in Mexico to America and is celebrated by Mexican-American families and their friends. For more examples of how this holiday has been recently celebrated, visit

Makenzie Goodwin
Azhya Hampton shows us her chips and salsa for Cinco De Mayo.
Mrs. Verona’s class celebrating Cinco De Mayo
Makenzie Goodwin
Quaniyah Wilkins, Penwell Cameron, Derock Osei, Shirone Armstead, Kathy Nguyen celebrating in Mrs. Rodriguez class.