“Falling for Christmas” Is Flopping for Christmas

After almost a decade, Lindsay Lohan jumped back into stardom with a main role, playing Sierra Belmont in Falling for Christmas. 

Directed by Janeen Damian and produced by Brad Krevoy, this movie is about Sierra Belmont, a newly engaged heiress, who has a skiing accident and gets diagnosed with amnesia. With nobody being reported missing, she is forced to stay at a small skiing lodge owned by Jake Russell (Chord Overstreet).

Let me start by saying, I am a huge fan of romantic comedies, but this one missed the mark by a long shot. With its subpar acting, it was boring at best and I was not impressed. At the beginning of movies, I think it’s important to establish rapport with the main characters. I was stunned by the character’s actions at the beginning and how spoiled and idiotic they all were. I can see where the movie tries to have some irony when Sierra says, “I’m not spoiled!” while simultaneously eating caviar, drinking champagne, and having her makeup done by a “glam squad”, but it just made me even more annoyed with her and I ended up still disliking Sierra at the very end. Lindsay Lohan had a poorly written character and did not step up with her acting.

Another thing I disliked about the movie was the plot. To me, country boy meets city girl, and they “unexpectedly” fall in love is overdone. Diagnosing her with amnesia after the skiing accident did nothing to help it, and it was just dull and repetitive.

Two things I appreciated about the movie were its cinematography and its message to support small businesses. It had beautiful winter scenes with falling snow and evergreen trees. It really felt like I was in a winter wonderland, with snowy mountain peaks and twinkling Christmas lights decorating every house. The cinematography really blew me away. Its message to support small businesses made me thrilled. In the movie, Jake Russell owns a small business lodge and is competing with Sierra’s dad’s huge hotel. They kept talking about in the movie how if Jake’s ski lodge was to stay afloat, they’d need a Christmas miracle. Close to the end, when Sierra reunites with her dad, they hold a press conference to talk about her experience. She talks about how grateful she is to Jake’s ski lodge, and the bookings for it shoot up, helping them prevent selling the lodge. With a well-known actress and a movie expected to have a lot of viewers, I think it was important to say that, especially in this day and age where corporations are taking over the world and small businesses are dying out.

Overall, this movie isn’t worth an hour and thirty-three minutes of your time. If you like funny rom-coms and Hallmark movies, you might enjoy watching this. In my opinion, I’d stick to the classics like Home Alone and A Christmas Story for the holiday season.