January – Our New Years Resolutions

Sydney New Years Eve fireworks 2015. Taken during the 9pm display from Mosman (north of Sydney Harbour).


Sydney New Year’s Eve fireworks 2015. Taken during the 9pm display from Mosman (north of Sydney Harbour).

The New Year is the perfect time to reinvent yourself and during the final days of 2021 into the New Year of 2022, individuals create new year’s resolutions to “better” themselves from the past year. Here at the Lion’s Roar, we are discussing our ideas for the New Year and our resolutions.


Ann Chappell Ellington: My New Year’s resolution is to be intentional and to be able to say “no.” I feel like I am just going through the motions like a robot and being intentional can help to prevent that. Also, the ability to say “no,” is important. I need a voice. I want to make sure that I prioritize myself and put myself first.


Leann Vo: I would like to do my work on time instead of procrastinating. I already failed at it which won’t stop me from still trying to make this a priority for the rest of the year. I want to be able to have more free time to go on my phone, take naps, take time for me to be completely honest, and of course, I would like to be less stressed out.


Justice Broadnax: I would like to prioritize time management this year. My schedule is always full and I have little to no free time! I’m completely stressed and I feel burnt out. I have no social life except for school, practice, and work. Time management is going to be my main goal this year!


Kylee Berg: For the New Year, I would like to be positive. I feel like when I am faking positivity, it improves my mood, so think about me being positive as a goal for an entire year. So far I am having a bit of trouble with my goal but it’s definitely coming along. 


Grace Rivera: My New Year’s Resolution is to start a wellness journal. I believe that this would be a great idea for me since I am always stuck in my head. I like the idea of making it fancy and creating some sort of bullet journal. I have seen others create bullet journals and I think they are neat and quite therapeutic but, I do not have any drawing talent. Also, I think that a wellness journal could help me with a variety of little things throughout my day like time management, priorities, emotion checks.