SCA Plans For “Once Upon A Time” Homecoming Experience


(From left to right) Chelsea Marstellar, Izabel Salken, Kade Younger, Skylar Dewall, Chloe Lascara, and Gabby Lewis.

The Menchville Student Government Association (SCA) is a vital piece of our school community. From volunteering to planning homecoming,  SCA is the behind-the-scene task force that represents the spirit of Menchville. The SCA gives students an opportunity to become leaders and make positive changes in the school community.

“The SCA is important to Menchville because it is a chance for students to get their voice out if they want to be heard,” said Vice President Gabby Lewis. “If they want something they can come to us and tell us so we can do what we can.”

The Student Council’s current responsibility is Homecoming. The Wednesday meeting  is packed full of officers and volunteers buzzing about the dance, the decorations, the spirit days and the pep rally. The SCA officers assign everyone to committees for different tasks and our homecoming dreams become a reality.

SCA President Izabel Salken is excited for the changes and additions they have made to this year’s events, such as changing the spirit days, the pep rally games, and adding a spirit stick. She hopes the changes she helps to inspire this year will be the mark she leaves on Menchville.

Salken describes the SCA as: “Basically student involvement, embodying the spirit of our school and making school fun. If you want to get involved I think that’s what the SCA is about.”

The SCA sponsor, Mr. Ken Zoby said he enjoys that every year he gets to work with a new batch of kids. “I really do get to see a whole different group of kids (each year), not just one particular group.”  He adds that the door is always open for new or returning students who are interested.

This year’s Homecoming Dance theme is Once Upon A Time. The SCA will add more decorations to make students feel as if they’ve actually fallen into a fairy tale. Instead of plain black, the entrance hallway will be decorated with vines. “We just need some creativeness,” says Salken.

“It’s unique. We’ve never done Once Upon A Time,” said  Zoby. “There’s a little play off of it on Thursday with the dress up day. You can do a fairy tale or you can do once upon a time, like, in a different time period.”

The photo booth and game room will still be available at the dance, along with the possibility of a caricature artist.

Zoby is anxious to see how the new pep rally games  work out, especially the  “Hungry Hungry Hippo” game. Zoby describes the new game this way: “Let’s say you’re on a roller and I’m holding your feet and you’ve got these baskets and you’re catching the balls as they roll on the ground and you’re pulling them up like the hungry hippo game.   Another game premiering at the Pep Rally involves cheese balls. Students will smear whipped cream or shaving cream on their face and members of the audience will be selected to throw cheese balls and see how many can stick to their heads in thirty seconds.”

The SCA has been working hard to make this Homecoming a memorable experience. Hopefully, like the theme, we will all dance the night away and have our happily ever after.