The Two-Legged Googles of Menchville

Menchville Academic Team’s First Match of the Season 2021


Grace Rivera

Gabe Stisser, Jarett Stephens, Kathryn McElfresh, David Soledispa, Samuel Shepley, Nathaniel Spitzer, Kevin Murphy (left to right)

What river rises in the Czech Republic and passes through Hamburg and Dresden before emptying into the North Sea?

A question of uncommon knowledge, however, is a typical question for Menchville’s Academic Team. This group of students had their first meet against Gloucester and Woodside on October 13, 2021.

The capacity of one form of this faculty is given by a “magic number” of seven plus-or-minus two. The hippocampus is responsible for “encoding” and “retrieval” in the “long-term” of what is the brain’s ability to store and retrieve information? 

A specific routine was followed during the match performed in a formal manner. Each team participated a quick buzzer test to start the meet. During the event, hands were folded on tables by quiet team members, who answered only when acknowledged with two people at the front of the room; one announcing the questions and another to keep track of the response time.

The match is executed is as follows: 4 members from each team compete against each other during a round of “toss-up” questions. Anyone from any team can answer the question as long as they press their buzzer first. Following the first round, each team gets a chance to “substitute” any members to continue with the next round of questions. After this, the team with the lesser amount of points gets to choose from 2 sets of questions to answer. Each side has directed a question from their designated set. If they answered incorrectly, the opposing team is allowed to answer. In this meet,  co-captain Kathryn McElfresh contributed 40 points, co-captain Samuel Shepley added 140 points, junior Nathaniel Spitzer with 10, and sophomore Jarett Stephens added 25 points to the final scores. 

30-second calculation question. Pencil and paper ready. 

What is the area of a parallelogram whose sides measure 9 and 12, respectively, and that has an internal angle of 60 degrees?

All it takes is 30 seconds to determine the outcome of a match.  The team answered questions on a variety of topics from pop culture, to history, math, science, and literature.  Against Woodside, the meet came down to the last question with the Monarchs coming up short 150 -135.  They kept it close against Gloucester for a final score of 160-140.  Gloucester won the meet with a win over Woodside 205-160.

Although, the final scores do not matter to this team. When asked what their goal for the team was, co-captain Kathryn McElfresh response was to “have fun” and to “try their best” however Jennifer Wenska, co-sponser along with Kevin Murphy, and co-captain Samuel Shepley want the team to be “taken out to a steak dinner” by Principal, Bobby Surry.






Answers (in order):

– Elbe or Labe river

– Memory

– 54 times the square root of 3, 54 radical 3, or 54 root 3