Menchville Rocks 2019- The Virtuoso: One Last Time


Courtesy of Quayvon Hilbert

The Virtuoso: One Last Time duo Quayvon Hilbert and Jazsmein Singleton

Once known as “The Virtuoso,” the singing act now extends their name to “The Virtuoso: One Last Time,” in honor of their final year and final performance together at Menchville Rocks. Seniors Jazsmein Singleton and Quayvon Hilbert, the iconic duo behind The Virtuoso, are destined to perform their final show with a much deeper variety of songs that “have to deal with our past, present, and mostly our future” Hilbert explained.

The duo have been familiar with the spotlight since their debut in Sophomore year, and now they’re ready to take on their last year at Menchville Rocks 2019 with plenty of experience- they practice by playing live at a local coffee shop, Aromas.

Singleton and Hilbert share a taste in R&B music, which brings them together. A shared interest in music gives them performance chemistry and “helps them connect.”

Singleton and Hilbert first entered the concert here at Menchville because they wanted “to leave Menchville with a lasting memory of us. Period.” said Jazsmein Singleton. Now, older and more confident, they are prepared to wow the crowd with their last show.