Board Game Club, NOT Boring


Ann Chappell Ellington

Mr. Dreyer, sponsor, helps students with game rules

Looking for a low stress after school activity perfect for mingling with friends and trying something new? Board Game Club is the one! Come up to room 207 on Wednesday afternoons from 2-4 and you’ll be in for a treat. Arram Dreyer, Menchville teacher, is the host and he provides an array of different games to try. However, these aren’t your typical Monopoly or Clue.

Ann Chappell Ellington

These less known board games, like King of Tokyo and Samurai Sword, are a fun way to escape from outside stresses and focus on beating your opponents. In King of Tokyo, the objective is to gain the most victory points while staying “alive”. Players roll 6 dice, resulting in either an attack on other players, boosting health, winning victory points, or gaining power cubes which are a currency to buy power ups. For Samurai Sword, the goal is to have the most “honor” points, which are “stolen” from other players. Weapon cards are used to get these points, but they can be blocked by special armor and advantage cards. The rules can be overwhelming at first but once you get the hang of it, it’s a blast. All levels of experience are welcome and any confusion can be clarified by Dreyer himself or other members of the club familiar with the game. 

Ann Chappell Ellington

Usually, two full games can be completed within a meeting, depending on which ones are chosen. But beware, it can get competitive! The room gets a little rowdy when big moves are made, but that’s normal behavior for ultra high stakes games like these. In fact, that’s how you know you’re doing something right. The club is always searching for new members to participate, so bring a friend, pull up a seat and get dealt into Board Game Club!

If one is unable to attend on Wednesdays and still need your fix of board games, the library has some available for use during lunches. These options might not be as unique as those played in Board Game Club, but they will keep you and your friends entertained.