Truly Devious

Truly Devious is a mystery series to satisfy the most ardent thrill-seekers.

Courtesy of Harper Collins

“Truly Devious” is a mystery series to satisfy the most ardent thrill-seekers.

Truly Devious is the first in an incredible murder/mystery series written by the talented Maureen Johnson. The two interwoven stories follow Stevie Bell, a self-acclaimed crime enthusiast who attempts to solve an 80-year old murder/kidnapping, and Albert Ellingham, the school’s founder, who is desperately trying to rescue his wife and daughter from their kidnappers.

Stevie Bell is invited to attend Ellingham Academy, which is a private school set in a remote area of Vermont, built for the brightest thinkers, artists, and inventors. Her greatest dream is to solve the mystery of what happened to Albert Ellingham and his family, the only evidence being a ransom note with a chilling poem written in cut-up magazine letters, signed off with the name: “Truly, Devious.” However, before she can crack the case, one of her fellow students dies under mysterious circumstances, and it’s up to Stevie and her new friends to figure out the truth.

This book is fast-paced and extremely entertaining, and I genuinely enjoyed it. I’d recommend this series to anyone looking for an exciting new adventure to fall in love with!