Students Inducted Into World Language Honor Societies, Fall 2021

Spanish, French, and German


Ann Chappell Ellington

Maddie Rogers, Ian Rodgers, Natalie Kahn, and Francisco Duran (left to right) repeat their induction pledge.

Students were inducted into World Language Honor Societies, Spanish, French, and German, on November 17, 2021 in Cafeteria 1. This was their first in person ceremony since the start of the pandemic and parents took advantage of the invitation. Audience rows were filled and excitement for being back together was bubbling. 


Menchville’s AFJROTC started the ceremony with the presentation of colors. Frau Christina Ballew, lead language and German teacher, introduced Principal Bobby Surry for opening remarks. He gave anecdotes about his experiences around language, explicitly a Spanish speaking scuba diving friend who moved to Germany where he met his future wife. Señora Susanna Bailey, guest speaker and World Language Supervisor of NNPS, spoke to the inductees about the importance of bilingual education. She shared her top five reasons for continuing learning languages and a story about speaking to a waiter in broken French but still being able to make a connection. 


Señora Alice Shepley, the Spanish Honor Society sponsor, started with some greetings and then introduced the members of her executive board. Nayeli Ayala, Megan Wilson, and Atiana Williams all had a role in the ceremony. New members were called to the front where they received their certificate and signed the chapter’s log book. They joined together in lighting their candles and repeating a pledge after being announced. 


Jarett Stephens, Jaelynn Smith, Emmy Cenname, and Hailey Breitbeil (left to right) light their candles and receive certificates.


The forty-one new members included:

Alex Dierkins                                      Hailey Breitbeil                                     

Hannah Jorge                                     Israt Farah                       

Emmy Cenname                                Jaelynn Smith

Jordyn Taylor                                     Josephine Hartigan                     

Juelle Morton                                     Keira Smith                                           

Madison Silcox                                   Marangelys Lopez Torres

Marie Heilman                                   Matthew Mya                                         

Molly Hartigan                                   Alex Morello                                         

Alli Strickhouser                                 Amia Oakman

Audrey Franklin                                  Avery Atkins                                       

Brandon Diongzon                              Bria Kearney                                         

Colin Herring                                       Emma Latuch

Francisco Duran                                   Gabriella Cooke                               

Gavin Monteith                                     Grace Rivera                                         

Naomi Rodgers                                     Raquel Manadero

Tristan Klompenhouwer                     Victoria Grizotti                                 

Nouela Limon Duparcmeur                Junior De La Rosa                               

 Kellen Johnson                                     Riley Kane                                                               

Natalie Welcher                                     Haylee Carlstrom                               

Theodora Gouletas                                Ava Espinoza                                         

Carsyn Sgambelluri


Zoe Villareal, French Honor Society President, led the French induction. She was tasked with giving background information, core values, and reading off the new inductees by herself because Menchville doesn’t have a French teacher at the moment. The inductees were presented with their certificates and lit their candles while reciting their oath. 


There were six students inducted:

Hunter Taylor                                   Jarett Stephens

Joseph Lajoie                                    Leann Vo

Yasmeen Blanton                             Junior De La Rosa


Frau Ballew, German Honor Society sponsor, concluded the ceremony. She greeted and spoke about the society along with members of her executive board, Ragan Maymard and Anastasia Jovanovic. 


Ragan Maynard and Anastasia Jovanovic (left to right) introduce ideals of the German Honor Society.


The four students that were inducted include:

Maddie Rogers

Natalie Kahn

Francisco Duran

Ian Rodgers


After the ceremony, parents were invited to take more pictures with their students and goodie bags for the new inductees were passed out.