Menchville Rocks 2017 – Noah and Lucas

Menchville Rocks 2017 - Noah and Lucas

Returning once again to the Menchville Rocks stage this year will be the senior duo, Noah Webster and Lucas Gray. Webster and Gray will be playing a selection of classic rock songs, including “Free Fallin’” by Tom Petty.

Webster and Gray typically stick within the classic rock or country genres when picking music to perform. “We try to so songs that we like playing,” said Gray. The duo plays mainly for friends, for fun, or at parties, but they are no strangers to Menchville Rocks- having performed a set last year, as well.

Webster and Gray have been playing songs together for a while now, and their friendship goes back even further. The two have been friends since they were in 6th grade together, and the formation of their music group came after. Said Gray on the duo’s formation, “We’ve been pretty good friends for a while. He just started playing guitar and out of nowhere I just started singing.”

Going into Menchville Rocks 2017 on February 16th, Webster and Gray are feel ready to perform, but anxious to top last year’s act. The two had a “blast” at Menchville Rocks last year, and are happy to have the experience again.