2014 Homecoming Game

The Menchville Monarchs played the Warwick Raiders in their homecoming game Friday, October 10, 2014. The Monarchs, (1-5), were going for their first conference win of the season. The Raiders, (1-4), are going for their second conference win. The Warwick Raiders conquered the Monarch defense by scoring all of their 27 points in the second quarter. Warwick quarterback, Travis Williams, ran for two touchdowns. Then, Bryan Brooks added a third touchdown. Also, Lee Hawkins had a fumble recovery in the end zone late in second quarter. The defense that Warwick put on the field Friday night really shone through with five turnovers. However, both teams will be missing a player next week. An altercation broke out in the second quarter resulting with a player on each team being ejected, followed by a suspension on the following game. Warwick left Todd Stadium with a victory, but Menchville played one of their best games of the year.