Scream 6: Rated R For A “Real Good Time” (Spoiler Warning!)

The Scream franchise has been beloved by horror fanatics since the first movie’s release on December 20, 1996. As the franchise has grown older and lost actors and actresses that were vital to the original Scream movies, they’ve had to develop a new storyline for the present and future movies. Scream 5 was when we got an almost completely new cast, where they introduced Sam and Tara Carpenter (played by Melissa Barrera and Jenna Ortega) and Mindy and Chad Meeks-Martin (played by  Jasmin Savoy Brown and Mason Gooding) as the new group the Scream movies would follow. This switch was a welcomed surprise when Scream 5 was released in 2022, and set up a good background for the plot in Scream 6. Scream 6 was a nail-biting horror film, and you should go enjoy the suspenseful nature of it in the theater while you still can.

Casting(Positive): You can’t have a million-dollar movie without an all-star cast. This movie did not shy away when casting well-known actors for necessary roles. Actor Jack Champion played his part as an unassuming and studious roommate beautifully. This wasn’t unexpected seeing as he recently starred in the new Avatar in 2022 and he delivered with his embodiment of the character Spider. Actress Courtney Cox is a veteran when it comes to Scream movies and has never disappointed when performing as Gale Weathers, the beloved but intrusive journalist who has never backed down from a challenge. Jenna Ortega is a beloved actress around the world and has solidified her name in Hollywood with iconic roles such as Wednesday in the Netflix series Wednesday, Ellie Alves in Netflix series You, and Harley Diaz in Disney’s Stuck in the Middle. Paramount did not skimp out on the budget for casting when they decided on the celebrities who would star in this movie.

Plot Twist(Negative ): Scream is always finding new ways to surprise its devoted audiences with plot twists. Sadly, this time the plot twist was rather predictable. Avid Scream fans will recall the plot twists from past movies. In Scream 2, one of the killers was the original Ghostface’s (a.k.a Billy Loomis) mom, Nancy Loomis, who wanted to enact revenge on the main character for killing her son. Scream 5 and 6 follow this same exact pattern. In Scream 5, Sam Carpenter’s boyfriend ends up being Ghostface (along with another girl) and terrorizes Sam. Fortunately, Sam is able to defeat him and ends up killing him. This was almost the exact same plot twist in the first Scream. In Scream 6, the killers end up being the family members of Sam’s deceased ex-boyfriend. They wanted to murder Sam because she killed him. This is almost the same plot twist as it was in Scream 2. Any fan who has watched all of the Scream movies would’ve been able to call this out, and this disappointed me when I viewed the movie.

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Cinematography(Positive): If there was one thing that truly blew me away when I watched this movie, it was the cinematography. The filming was brilliant, and the quality of each scene made you feel like you were experiencing the events with the characters. The way this movie was able to conjure this feeling of dread inside of you at every point was brilliant. The bloodcurdling screams, odd filming angles, and eerie silence brought this horror movie to life and had me gripping my seat several different times. This movie was not just a film, but a real experience.

Overall, this movie did not disappoint and had me enthralled the entire time. If there is one thing the Scream franchise knows how to do, it is a brilliant thriller. The cinematography and plot have you hooked from the very beginning and will not let you go. If you want a good time and an even better scare, Scream 6 will not disappoint.