VHSL Swim and Dive 5B Regionals


Katie Ellington

The Menchville Swim Team poses for a photo after winning the 5B Regionals

On February 10, 2022, the VHSL Swim and Dive 5B Regionals took place at Midtown Community Center. This year, the girls and boys swim teams at Menchville won the championship beating Kecoughtan and Maury.
Girls swim top 3 placements: Menchville: 480, Kecoughtan: 389, Maury: 361.5
Boys swim top 3 placements: Menchville: 459, Kecoughtan 325, Maury: 289


The placements for Menchville’s girls and boys swim are found below:
Boys 200 Medley Relay: 1st Joshua Bradshaw, Bernard Kim, Ian Rodgers, Hunter Yost
Girls 200 Medley Relay: 1st Ann Chappell Ellington, Elizabeth Shelton, Isabel Marstellar, Maddie Wolfe
Boys 200 Free: 1st Sterling Rodgers, 3rd Cris Campbell
Girls 200 Free: 1st Isabel Marstellar, 3rd Grace Holland
Boys 200 IM: 1st Ian Rodgers, 2nd Bernard Kim
Girls 200 IM: 2nd Maddie Wolfe, 4th Allie Cerny, 5th Brylynn Gilbert
Boys 50 Free: 1st Hunter Yost 2nd Joshua Bradshaw
Girls 50 Free: 2nd Maddie Wolfe, 3rd Brooke Ferguson
Boys 100 Fly: 1st Ian Rodgers, 2nd Noah Wolfe, 5th Noah Rolfs
Girls 100 Fly: 1st Isabel Marstellar, 4th Madeline Donaldson
Boys 100 Free: 2nd Joshua Bradshaw, 4th Ryan Wilson
Girls 100 Free: 1st Ann Chappell Ellington, 5th Brooke Ferguson
Boys 500 Free: 2nd Sterling Rodgers
Girls 500 Free: 3rd Brylynn Gilbert, 4th Grace Holland
Boys 200 Free Relay: 1st Ian Rodgers, Joshua Bradshaw, Sterling Rodgers, Hunter Yost
Girls 200 Free Relay: 1st Ann Chappell Ellington, Brooke Ferguson, Maddie Wolfe, Isabel Marstellar
Boys 100 Back: 3rd Noah Wolfe, 5th Ryan Wilson
Girls 100 Back: n/a
Boys 100 Breast: 2nd Bernard Kim, 4th Cris Campbell, 5th Riley Barad
Girls 100 Breast: 1st Ann Chappell Ellington, 2nd Elizabeth Shelton
Boys 400 Free Relay: 1st Sterling Rodgers, Cris Campbell, Noah Wolfe, Hunter Yost
Girls 400 Free Relay: Brooke Ferguson, Madeline Donaldson, Brylynn Gilbert, Elizabeth Shelton


The top five finishers in each individual event qualify for states. Menchville won first place in 13 out of 22 of the events with 18 swimmers qualifying for state. The VHSL Swim and Dive State Championships will be held at the Jeff Rouse Swim and Sports Center in Stafford, VA on Feb 19, 2022. The following Menchville swimmers qualified for states:

Ann Chappell Ellington
Isabel Marstellar
Maddie Wolfe
Elizabeth Shelton
Ian Rodgers
Sterling Rodgers
Noah Wolfe
Noah Rolfs
Hunter Yost
Brooke Ferguson
Allie Cerny
Brylynn Gilbert
Grace Holland
Cris Campbell
Ryan Wilson
Riley Barad
Joshua Bradshaw
Madeline Donaldson