“Medicine At Midnight” – Review


Ten albums in, and the Foo Fighters still continue to learn new tricks. The potential Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee, Foo Fighters, just released their brand new album, “Medicine At Midnight”, and it’s a bit of a mixed bag as far as genres go. At the end, I will give you my final score for the entire album, but first let’s go song by song, in order of worst to best and see how these tunes hold up.

9. Chasing Birds- Chasing Birds is like no Foo Fighters song I have ever heard before. It has a very chill and relaxed beat and has a sound very similar to many “indie” songs I have heard in the past. I don’t dislike this song, and I would listen to it again, but it was just a little too mundane for my taste.

8. Cloudspotter- This song is the definition of forgettable. Coming in as the third track on the album, Cloudspotter just doesn’t seem to fit. It has a very average guitar riff, and sounds like a generic song used in a car commercial.

7. Making a Fire- As the first track on the album, Making a Fire shows listeners that this is not the Foo Fighters we are used to. The song sounds like and feels like a song you would see people dancing to at a party. It was very upbeat and energetic, but, not what I’m looking for from one of the most iconic alternative rock bands.

6. Medicine At Midnight- The albums title track is very similar to Making a Fire, but has the edge due to a more memorable chorus. This is another very good song, but again, not what I want from the Foo Fighters who are known for their crashing drums and amazing guitar riffs.

5. Waiting On a War- Although this song starts off very mellow, it has a strong finish as it starts to sound like the traditional music we have come to expect from the Foo’s. Also, don’t let the title fool you as this song has a very optimistic and fun beat.

4. Holding Poison- Holding Poison is another tune that sounds familiar to the Foo Fighters of old. With a pretty good guitar riff, and the best drumming performance on the album, this song is definitely one I would make an effort to listen to in the future.

3. Shame Shame- Shame Shame was the first song on the album that really stuck out to me. I thought the song had an amazing beat and I also found the music video to be quite an interesting watch.

2. No Son of Mine- As the sixth track on the album, No Son of Mine is at an awkward position. A little over halfway through an album it is easy to lose interest. The Foo Fighters made sure to keep listeners engaged though with heavy guitars and phenomenal drum work.

  1. Love Dies Young- Love Dies Young is the easy number one song for me because it describes the Foo Fighters amazingly. It has great guitar riffs, good drums and has a very optimistic melody.

All in all, I would say this album is a 7.5/10. It has some great, classic- sounding Foo Fighters songs but also introduces new, more party like beats. I definitely recommend this album!