Gear up for the 2015 Homecoming Dance

Make a grand entrance at the 2015 Homecoming dance.

Ethan Evans

Make a grand entrance at the 2015 Homecoming dance.



The 2015 Homecoming Dance  is coming up, and we want to look good. I’m no fashion guru or anything, but I know a thing or two about a thing or two. I’m going to give you some ideas on dresses, suits, and all that other good stuff. I like you guys, and I don’t want you to go to homecoming looking all crazy, you feel me? So I’m willing to give you a few pointers, and what not. I’ve had help here and there on what’s popping and what’s not, so trust me, this info is legit.

First lets start with the fellas. We all know homecoming is formal, but just not as formal as prom. You should always take advantage of that. No one likes to wear dress shoes, so why do it? There’s nothing wrong with a nice pair of sneakers, Vans, or Sperry topsiders, with your suit. The challenge with that is finding the right accents to go with it. That’s what I’m here for. So first we’re going start with your traditional suit, for the low. A black MONDAYSUIT Men’s two-piece slim-fit solid two-button blazer jacket & trouser can be found on Amazon for between $34.99-$59.75. But then you take a total left from the orthodox. After you get your slim-fit suit, you cop an acid wash denim shirt.  Sovereign Code’s men’s steakhouse acid wash shirt is available on for $27.99.  Now that you have the acid wash denim shirt, you might as well get the shoes to match, right? So you go to, and  look for the Acid Denim SK8-Hi Vans. They’re around 70 bucks. I feel like any outfit worth wearing should have gold in it. A small gold chain is a perfect accent for any outfit. With that you have a dope, full, and original outfit for homecoming.

Now for the ladies, we know dress styles change with the season and year. This year, the dress top half is covered with sequins, no shoulder straps, and a knee high, ruffled, skirt like bottom half. When you search homecoming dresses, that’s typically what shows up, so apparently that’s what you guys like. So if you’re going to be wearing a similar dress to everybody else, what really matters are the colors. The most common colors are going to be pink, red, blue, black, and white. So you should wear something different like green or orange. Well, green is kind of a stretch, because there are all types of green. Your best bet is probably a dark, forest green, because there are a lot of bad shades of green. And as far as orange goes, all oranges are pretty good, but it really depends on your preference. You have to know what shades you look good in, and what shades you don’t look right in. Honestly there’s nothing wrong with going in a common color, like red or black, you just have to find a way to stand out in colors like that. I don’t know much about female clothes, so I wouldn’t be the one to help you with that. But our fashion staff writer, Kaylee Boyd, is a mad genius when it comes to dresses, and actually helped me a lot with this article.

Like I said before, homecoming is a lot less formal than prom so you can afford to be a little more creative with your clothing choices. I wouldn’t say anything goes, but you can definitely push it for this event. I would use more of an Ariana Grande/Big Sean type of fit rather than Lady Gaga/A$AP Rocky idea though. Personally I feel like individuality is personality, so the more original your outfit, the better. You shouldn’t try to match with any particular person, because matching outfits is for the 90’s. Be yourself, and people should follow suit. These days, being different is the coolest thing to be, especially clothing wise. So even though our theme this year is arguably wack, try to make the best of it. Good luck.