Olivia Rodrigo Is The Next Taylor Swift And Here’s Why

Olivia Rodrigo, 17, a Disney actress had made her music debut earlier this year with her first single ‘Drivers License’ which has dominated charts since its release, staying in the top 100 since January. Since then, Rodrigo released another hit ‘Deja Vu’, which became a popular sound on Tiktok due to the inverted trend and has stayed in the top 100 since its release as well, and on May 14th, Rodrigo released the Y2K/Paramore equivalent banger ‘Good 4 You’ which she hinted to in her promo cover on Instagram. Hiding clues in promos? Sound familiar? If you are a Taylor Swift fan, you know this is what Taylor does every time she is about to drop a new song or even album.

Rodrigo’s debut album ‘Sour’ dropped this past Friday, May 21st, and is slowly making its way up the charts. Other celebrities like Charlie Damelio (Tiktok star), Maddie Zeigler (Dancer), and Kim Kardashian (Reality TV star), have shown their support for the album by posting to their Instagram stories, congratulating Rodrigo on her success while showing off the PR packages sent by Rodrigo’s marketing team. The album is predicted to outsell other top artists within the first week and to surpass both Ariana Grande and Taylor Swift who both sold 350 million copies of within seven days.

Rodrigo has publicly stated that the biggest inspiration in her music career has been Taylor Swift which is obvious with the several similarities between the two artists. As mentioned before, Rodrigo has placed clues in her promo covers on Instagram such as the date of release for her single ‘Good 4 You’  or hinting the title of that same single in a photo for her previous song ‘Deja Vu’ which featured an ice cream truck in the back that held a sticker saying, ‘Ice cream is Good 4 You’. Taylor Swift similarly has put release dates in promo covers as well as hidden clues in the background of behind the scene shots of music videos. Another similarity between the two is the familiarness of melodies in the SOUR album as well as previous Taylor songs. This could be caused by the fact Taylor is included as a writer on Rodrigo’s album. The 11-time Grammy winner added her own spin on Rodrigo’s album while co-writing the song “One step forward, three steps back”, which seems to be a favorite among Swifties (Taylor Swift fans) as well as the general population.

You can listen to Oliva Rodriogo’s album ‘SOUR’ on any streaming platform or buy the CD/vinyl package on her website, https://www.oliviarodrigo.com/ .