Menchville’s FBLA Takes on Regionals


On March 4th, 2023, Menchville’s Future Business Leaders of America Association (FBLA) took home 23 awards in their Regional Spring Leadership Conference at Southamptom High School.

The members of the FBLA who took home awards are set to head to the State Leadership Conference on March 31st.  One of the members who will be attending the leadership conference is the newly elected Colonial Region President: Jaden Sleeth.

To celebrate the achievement of the FBLA, the Lion’s Roar staff got a short interview with the FBLA’s President, Jaden Sleeth.

First off, I and many others are curious, what is the FBLA? What would you say you all do?
FBLA stands for Future Business Leaders of America. It is a career and technical student organization. It is a five-point program of work, where members have leadership development, school and community service activities, fundraising, academic competitions, and business knowledge educational programs.

As the president, what is it you’d say you do specifically?
As the Colonial Regional President, I represent the Colonial Region, plan regional activities with local chapters, and promote the growth and development of FBLA.

I’m aware the FBLA did rather outstanding in the recent regional conference, and many are going to State. Are you surprised by this performance, and how do you feel about the State conference?
I wouldn’t say I am surprised by the performance but happy about it. The members deserved to win with the countless hours they studied. Regarding the state competition, I am sure the members will do outstanding if they continue to study and prepare for their competition.

Many students in Menchville are soon going to be leaving for the business world- a step in life that scares many. Is there any advice you have for them?
One piece of advice I would have for people is to be willing to make mistakes and to be ready to learn from them.

Menchville’s FBLA chapter is an impressive group of students, who should feel proud of themselves for their accomplishments in the past few weeks, and accomplishments to come. Congratulations to the members of Menchville’s FBLA!