MHS Homecoming Dance

Homecoming 2014: Footloose or Failure?

After a long week of costumes, a pep rally, and the big parade, it was finally time to kick back with friends and bust a move on the dance floor. Students came in semi-formal attire. Even though it was cold outside students lined up at the doors waiting to get a glimpse of what awaited them in the dance. Assistant Principal Mrs. Miles says the Homecoming Dance is a ‘great opportunity for kids to come and express themselves in a dressed up way’. While students danced in Cafeteria 2 there were students who took a break from dancing or never actually danced but sat in Cafeteria 1 and played games and won prizes to their hearts content. Mr. Lumsden ran the gaming area while an assortment of teachers had out water barrels and little snacks including, Chips and Brownies, for students to munch on while they relaxed. This year’s “Around-the-World” theme was very colorful, starting with the creative Passport look-alike tickets to the exotic cardboard standups of various monuments.

After the dance monuments were given to the teachers of the Foreign Language Hall, including the colossal Eiffel Tower, which Madame Soltis jokingly claims she will use as a hall/bathroom pass even though it can barely fit through the door. “Trust me I’ve tried.” Said Allison Scherner. Students danced their hearts out to classic songs like the Cupids Shuffle, the Wobble, Cha-Cha Slide and the Electric Slide, along with the more thumping music that teenagers nowadays listen to. While some students said that this year was better than last years Homecoming all Underclassmen are excited to see what our Homecoming will be like next year. Our own energetic Mr. Axsom says enthusiastically ’Homecoming is a sensation that’s lasts the duration of your life!” If Axsom says it in his signature booming voice we have to believe it, right? Over all the dance got a huge amount of praise and the students loved it.