March – Women Who Run the Paper


Courtesy of Roman Kraft

This month is National Women’s History Month and here at The Lion’s Roar, we are celebrating the women who run the paper. This year, The Lion’s Roar’s all-Senior (and one junior) staff all work hard to not only give readers articles each and every week but work hard in school, after school at their various clubs and sports, at their jobs, and more. 


The editorial board has been called many things, but the thing that encompasses us all would have to be “eclectic”. When reading our paper one may not know who is behind the article, who is truly behind the staff profile. My goal with this month’s Lion’s Den is to show our readers the people that make up the Editorial Board. Our board was put together mostly due to scheduling conflicts, but we would not have it any other way.


Ann Chappell Ellington is a member of the swim team, the Student Council Association, the  National Honor Society, the Board Game Club (you can find the article here), and Lion’s Roar of course. You can find out Menchville mermaid in her leggings, high tops, and pastel colors. Ellington is a wordle connoisseur, you can catch her every class period trying to guess the word unless she is trying to guess the country for Globle ( a different version of Wordle). She is Taylor Swift’s second biggest fan next to the editor and chief, part-time emo girl, and lover of all holidays. You would think when you first meet her that she is quiet but once she opens up to you she is energetic and just an all-around breath of fresh air.

Ann Chappell Ellington

Justice Broadnax is a member of The Lion’s Roar Editorial Staff, track star, basketball manager, part-time soccer manager, unofficial office assistant, and works at Cheddars as a host. She is always seen wearing a hoodie, her favorite article of clothing, never wearing the same hoodie twice in one month. Broadnax is a Rick and Morty lover, sports enthusiast, and has the spirit of a caregiver. She has to ability to make everyone around her feel at ease with her all-around great energy and her consistent kindness.

Justice Broadnax

Kylee Berg is the group’s wild card. She works at Busch Gardens and is a member of our Editorial Staff. You can catch her with her signature black bag and blacked-out winged eyeliner. Berg is a horror film enthusiast, Mother Mother’s biggest fan, a makeup artist,  along with a constant Starbucks and 7/11 customer. She has the ability to talk to anyone, anywhere. She knows what she wants and gets it. She may seem overwhelming at first but you become accustomed and Berg becomes your source of feel-good energy that you constantly crave to wake you up, especially if you are up before the sun.

Kylee Berg

Leann Vo is our junior who does it all. Her list of activities and clubs inside and outside of school amazes all. She is a member of the SCA board, member of the National Honors Society, softball player, lacrosse player, member of the symphonic band as a flute player, french honors society member, Tri M honor society secretary, mayors youth commission member, Student Advisory on Education member, works at Nail Luv, and is a babysitter. Vo is a foodie, focusing on her future in the medical field. She is a quiet skeptic. She has an attitude like no other but a work ethic to be admired. Leann is a wonderful team player with a good head on her shoulders.

Leann Vo

Last is Grace Rivera. She has many clubs and activities in school and out that she partakes in. She is editor-in-chief of the Lion’s Roar, an Officer of the National Honor Society, a member of the Spanish Honors Society, plays the piano and ukulele, sings, and plays tennis. She works at Kohls. She is focusing on her future and has hopes to attend the college of her choosing. She is frequently referenced as the mom of the group and nags everyone to get their articles in on time. Without Rivera, there would be no articles being turned in on time.

Grace Rivera