May – Memories on the Lion’s Roar


As the 2021 -2022 school year comes to a close, we at the Lion’s Roar are reminiscing on our favorite memories and articles from this year. Our goal this year was to produce accurate and entertaining articles for our audience every week, multiple times throughout the week. Our Editorial Board is mostly seniors and as this year comes to a close so does our time here on the Lion’s Roar.


Kylee Berg- My favorite article was the opinion piece on the movie Encanto. It was the fastest article I wrote this year and the easiest to write about. From this article, we have been able to make memories including all of the times we tortured Grace by playing the song “We Don’t Talk About Bruno”. 


Ann Chappell Ellington- My favorite article was the one I wrote during the holiday season, “How to Make Spirits Bright in the 757”. It was just a great time and writing that article was the perfect introduction to the holiday season for me. My favorite memory from this school year was losing at the game ‘Sorry’. I also loved the time when I went online shopping in class. I was able to get everyone a little something and it was just an extremely fun day. 


Justice Broadnax- My favorite article was the one about the Lady’s Monarchs Basketball State Championship game. It received a lot of attention online and it was just a great moment for the girls on the team. My favorite memories from the class were contained during the period of time when my friends would buy Starbucks for the class. They would come in every morning and ask everyone what they wanted and would come back with drinks for everyone. 


Leann Vo- My favorite article was the one I just completed titled “Junioritis”. I felt like it was a cause that needed to be talked about. I feel very passionately about the burnout that students feel at the end of the year, especially during one of the hardest years of high school. My favorite memory from the class was playing “Sorry” with everyone. Playing board games with Ann Chappell is an experience, to say the least. 


Grace Rivera- My favorite article that I wrote has to be ‘All Too Well Short Film Review’. It was the easiest to write and I enjoyed writing about the topic. It was fun to watch it in class with everyone. My favorite memory was during the week of Valentine’s Day. We were selling candy grams to students and when we were passing them out, we were all lost trying to find the correct classrooms and would laugh when one of us walked into the wrong classroom.