Menchville Rocks 2019- Marxmen

From seniors Mark Kohlman, Jahvin Purnell, Loyce White, and Brendan Coviello, and juniors Tyler Vo, Chris VSP, Isak Crane,  and Gabrielle Chamberlain- please welcome the Marxmen, a Menchville-based jazz band. Many students from Kohlman’s “Boon Big Band” (Menchville Rocks 2018) are now retaking the stage for this 2019 show. 

Kohlman has been performing publicly with Purnell in their reggae group since the winter, and plans to show off his new, bigger group (rather than playing in a duet) because “hearing more than one voice at a time is cool. The sound of a full band is what I go for because it feels like one collective entity.”

The Marxmen plan to play an original piece written by Mark Kohlman titled, “Chasing Bill Cosby.” 

As the performance nears, Kohlman noted, “[I’m] kind of nervous on the down low because I have no idea if I’m gonna make a fool of myself yet. We’ll see, though.”

Come enjoy the Marxmen at Menchville Rocks at 6:30 pm, on February 28 in the Menchville Auditorium.