Brother Lucy

The house band for Menchville Rocks is “Brother Lucy,” a popular local band whose members include two Menchville teachers: Ken Zoby plays the drums and Brandon Traner is lead singer and bass player.

Brother Lucy was put together for the Menchville talent show in 2002 because the staff wanted teacher participation. The band is made up of former Menchville students.  Traner said,”We’re just a party band, local rockstars you know.”

The band name is named after a retired custodian that worked at Menchville in 2002.   They say that they found their name while they were practicing in  the school. “One day we were in the cafeteria practicing and someone said we had to get ready to leave.  But, I’m like, we still haven’t figured out a band name. Then as soon as I said that, over the intercom we heard someone say ‘goodnight Brother Lucy,'” said Traner.

Both Traner and Zoby don’t have a specific genre of music that they play.  Both  teachers  had dreams of being “rockstars” but only  Zoby still desires that dream.   Will the band  become famous in the future?    Both teachers gave the answer no,  but Zoby said he wishes it would.  He added, ” It’s a really great hobby.” “All of us graduated from Menchville; we think it’s neat that we can give back to the school that instilled music in us,” said Mr. Traner.

That Is Brother Lucy.