Menchville Rocks 2019- Parker Bigley


Junior Parker Bigley will be performing for the first time on the Menchville Rocks stage on February 28. She will be singing some songs- one by Adele, and the others are a surprise!

Bigley has been performing since fourth grade, so she is not completely new to this, but she decided to give Menchville Rocks a try because she wants to get, “more used to performing,” in high school. She sees the school concert as a great opportunity to gain more experience and display her talent. 

Bigley likes classical music sometimes, but she mostly performs, “slower pop ballads and stuff that isn’t too showy- in case my voice doesn’t cooperate that day.” She is a bit nervous with this being her first time performing at Menchville Rocks, but Bigley is still confident in her songs and can’t wait to showcase her skills in front of the Menchville community. 

Come and support Parker Bigley and all the other acts at Menchville Rocks on February 28 at 6:30 in the Menchville auditorium.