Archery Team Set for a Bullseye

One of Menchville’s lesser-known clubs is archery. They typically don’t get the red carpet rolled out for them like basketball and haven’t quite gained the recognition of the football team. However, the tides seem to be turning. 

The archery team has seen a recent uptick in participation over the years, even after the outbreak of COVID-19, which is even more impressive. This year, the team has over twenty members. That type of growth is great for future longevity of the club. 

Rachael Morgan, class of ’22, has been an archer for Menchville since her freshmen year. She was first introduced to the seemingly unconventional sport in her elementary school gym class. It caught her eye then, and she’s been participating ever since. Morgan spoke with members of The Lion’s Roar about the rising attention towards her team. In an interview, she said that the “school board office recognized [their success] a few weeks ago which [was] nice.” She is appreciative of this well-deserved recognition. 

The team holds practices at B.C. Charles Elementary, Tuesday through Thursday, from 6 pm to 8 pm. They are coached by Daniel Cerny. When asked about his impact on the team, Morgan said that she “loves how he never gives up on [them]” and how he wants to see them succeed. The team hits the road to compete at Nationals this Saturday, May 14th. The competition is held in Louisville, Kentucky, and on behalf of the Lion’s Roar, we wish them luck!