Tuneful Tuesdays- Evan Gray


Laura Madler

Join us for Tuneful Tuesdays in the library.

Library, lunch, live music- what do these three things all have in common? Find out at Tuneful Tuesdays in the Menchville library.

Tuneful Tuesdays, held in the library during first lunch on certain days of the month, provide a venue for student musicians to share their talents with the school in a low-key, acoustic setting. Look out for the schedule in the library to see upcoming performance dates, and make sure to ask a librarian for tickets in advance (seating is limited). The next Tuneful sessions will be Tuesday, November 12, during first lunch, as well as Thursday, October 14, during second lunch.

Evan Gray showcased his guitar playing and singing at the inaugural Tuneful Tuesday session on October 17. As a frequent performer at Menchville, Gray’s habit of playing the guitar in the cafeterias during lunch made him a perfect first guest for the Tuneful series. Check out the performance video on the Lion’s Roar Youtube below:


Can’t make it to a Tuneful Tuesday performance? Keep an eye on the Lion’s Roar website and Youtube for videos and schedule updates throughout the year.