April – Fools’ Day


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April, the month of Aries and allergies, is also the month of one of my favorite holidays, April Fools’ Day. The origin of April Fools’ Day, historians believe, dates all the way back to the 16th century when France switched from the Julian calendar to the Gregorian calendar. Friends and family try to scare or shock one another on this day of tomfoolery with elaborate tricks or jokes. Here at The Lion’s Roar we are discussing our opinions on the holiday and reminiscing on pranks and practical jokes past. 


Ann Chappell Ellington: I love April Fools’ Day. I live for it. In my younger years, I took it more seriously. I had more elaborate pranks like I put cereal on my family’s living room ceiling fan, I put salt in the sugar container, and even did the classic saran wrapping of a doorway. I would watch youtube videos to get inspired. I am a hard-core lover of April Fools’ Day. I do not remember pranks that I have been on the receiving end of. 


Leann Vo: I like it but it’s a bit time-consuming to come up with pranks. If I have time I will try to come up with one. I used to be all for making pranks and jokes when I was younger. I was a bad child. I remember putting tape under the bathroom faucet and it would spray back at them. I haven’t had any memorable jokes that anyone placed on me in the past April Fools’ Day, but, I am not looking for any big extravagant pranks being pulled on me.


Kylee Berg: I love fooling people. I love the foolishness. I never pranked anyone because I would always forget. I fall for every prank and joke that comes my way and I do not mind. I would get pranked by friends I know through social media. I don’t remember any particular prank to the fullest extent but I do remember the feeling of laughing after realizing I was pranked.


Justice Broadnax: I enjoy it because it’s the one time you get to make a joke and people won’t take it too seriously. I told my brother that he was adopted as a prank. My parents were in on it so no one would spoil my plans. I thought it was hilarious however my brother did not. I think that was my best prank to date because I really had him fooled.


Grace Rivera: I like April Fools’ Day. My mom and I would have little pranks for each other when I was younger. I always enjoyed them. I think the tradition-building with my family is what makes the holiday special for me. I remember being pranked by a friend in elementary school, their parents definitely helped them with this. She came into school saying that she had baked brownies. She asked if I wanted one. She lifted the tin foil wrapping the plate and there were pieces of brown paper cut out into the shape of the letter ‘E’. It was funny and creative.