Menchville Homecoming Dance- an Unforgettable Experience


Darryl Miles

Izabel Salken and Darin Cooper were crowned as Homecoming Queen and King at the Homecoming Football game and reigned over the Dance all night long.

Music blasted and lights flashed, and the laughter of hundreds of high school students could be heard even beyond the school walls. A long line of students waited outside, holding their tickets and anxiously waiting to get in the 2017 Menchville Homecoming Dance.

Summarizing the festivities in one statement, one student said, “It was crazy.”

The homecoming dance is a big event that excites many of the students at Menchville, mainly because there is something there for everyone. A photo booth was set up in the hallway, where students could get their pictures taken, and long-lasting memories could be made. Also, cafeteria two was created into a dance floor for those who love to party. The students could spend all night dancing as the DJ played and remixed popular songs. However, attendees could also hang out in cafeteria one, where there were refreshments and a few games to play. Many of the students who did not like to dance could be found playing a friendly game of Connect 4, Chess, or UNO, or just sitting down and talking to one another.

“My favorite part of the dance was playing a competitive game of UNO with my friends,” one freshman said.

“I loved getting to spend time with my friends,” another student mentioned.

“It was exciting, and I would definitely go again,” one student said.

The Menchville Homecoming Dance serves as a great opportunity to spend time with one another, and make new memories that will last a lifetime.

This time next year when tickets are being sold, be sure to bring $15 and buy a ticket, because a Menchville Homecoming is an experience students will never forget.