Girl Bosses Don’t Wear Pockets- The Story of Ms. Egolf

If you wish you attended a school where your principal was a trap-rap connoisseur, who was inspired by the death of Princess Diana and wears a fanny pack to school every day, then I’ve got great news for you. You’re in the right place!

Following the sudden retirement of the beloved Principal Bobby Surry, the school district only had the summer to make a decision on who to hire as the new principal at Menchville. After a quick deliberation, it was decided the perfect candidate was already here in Newport News: Ms. Lisa Egolf.

Before coming to Menchville, Egolf had already familiarized herself with Newport News and its public schools. She was born in Newport News at the Riverside Hospital, attended schools in nearby districts such as York County and Smithfield, and even came back to Newport News to start her teaching and administration career at Newport News high schools Denbigh and Heritage. Although she claims she could live anywhere, and at one time did consider moving to Australia to live closer to her grandmother, Egolf has stayed in Newport News for so long and plans to remain in Newport News because she wants to stay a member of the community that molded her, and believes the “best way to be a part of the community is to support the kids”.

Egolf’s goal was not always to stay in Newport News and become an administrator though, as she grew up wanting to be a journalist. However, after seeing the way media outlets such as TMZ handled the death of Princess Diana, she was deterred from life in the media and decided to pursue a career in teaching. When it was time for Egolf to get her Master’s Degree in order to become a teacher, she reached a pivotal moment that led to a motto that would become a theme in her life: “listen to smart people”. Following the advice of her boss at the time, Egolf went against her instincts to earn a Master’s in Educational Leadership. With this degree, Egolf thought she was set to be a teacher. After all, she had no desire to be anything more. But, then she got more advice: become an administrator.

As an administrator, Egolf bounced around schools in Newport News as she chased any promotion and open position she was advised to chase. Eventually, thanks to some more advice from smart people, this chase led her to become the principal at Menchville.

After arriving at Menchville, Egolf immediately noticed a welcoming environment unlike one from any other school. An environment that she says was made thanks to the maturity of the countless students who “want[ed] to introduce themselves to me and shake my hand”. In order to match this energy and positivity that she received from the students, Egolf claims she had to create a “character” who was filled with energy. Although this may seem like a disingenuous way to make impressions on students and staff, Egolf argues that if she’s in “a stank mood or draggy it’ll be contagious”, and that she wants everyone “to be as hype as they can”. How any student could be in a stank mood when their Principal wears a fanny pack though, is beyond me.

Although the fanny pack is far from the most commonly used accessory, it is essential for Egolf as she wears one every day. The reason behind the infamous Egolf fanny pack is straightforward: girl bosses don’t wear pockets. 

Aside from the fanny pack and the energy, the most noticeable thing about Egolf is her desire to keep everyone safe at school. She hopes by locking all of the exterior doors during the school day, which was a “non-negotiable” for her when she became principal, she can “make sure no weirdos come in.” Although this decision to lock the doors has been met with some vitriol from students, there is no arguing that keeping students safe should definitely be the top priority of the school and its staff.

In her short time here at Menchville, Ms. Egolf has already made quite an impression thanks to her infectious energy and flair. Students and staff alike are excited to see what else she does in her time here at Menchville.