Menchville Rocks 2020- Jailyn Commodore


Courtesy of Mrs. Graham Jailyn Commodore

Menchville Rocks 2020 welcomes senior Jailyn Commodore back to the stage to share her voice with the Menchville audience.

Unsure of what song she will be performing, she says she will most likely be showcasing her lovely voice with a song either by Billie Eilish or The Weekend. Commodore enjoys performing pop or slow R&B songs.

“I chose these artists because their songs typically have a good stretch in voice range and they’re songs everyone likes,” Commodore continues, “I like them too because I relate to them.”

She first performed in Menchville Rocks freshman year and is thrilled to perform this year.

“I like to sing merely for fun, and I get encouraged by the reaction from the crowd.”  

She has performed many times publicly, however the butterflies still get the best of even the most experienced performers. When asked about how she felt going into this years performance, letting out a small chuckle she says, “I’m always a little nervous going into a performance, and I continue to stay nervous even while performing.” Despite any nerves, though, Commodore is ready to take the stage once again.

Come see Jailyn Commodore and other Menchville musicians at Menchville Rocks on Thursday, February 27 at 6:30 pm in the Menchville auditorium.