Menchville Rocks 2018 – Andre Smith

Freshmen Andre Smith will be breaking onto the Menchville Rocks stage for the first time this Thursday. He has only played guitar for around one and a half years, and this is his first public solo performance- his first ever public performance being with the guitar ensemble at the winter concert.

Andre got into guitar because of his childhood love of Guitar Hero. After picking it back up in 7th grade, he decided to start playing his guitar so he could have “something to do with his life.” Andre recalled, “The moment I picked it up and I started playing- I started realizing this like every single day when I first got my guitar- I never stopped practicing, and I would practice from 5 or 6 until 1 in the morning every single day.”

Andre entered Menchville Rocks as a way to show-off his guitar skills and have something to do. Fitting with his usual playing style, he’ll be playing “Flight of the Wounded Bumblebee” by Nuno Bettencourt and “Desolate Motion” by Karawan on the electric guitar. Andre is nervous, but also feeling very excited and prepared for his performance.