The Menchville Communal Closet

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As 2022 progresses, a thick coat provides much-needed warmth on the cold winter days, however, not all students are fortunate enough to possess a warm jacket suitable for Newport News’ unpredictable weather.  Grace Rivera, a Menchville senior, with the help of Menchville teacher Mrs. Swanenburg and the National Honor Society, has initiated the Communal Closet for the students of Menchville.

This closet provides all students with clothes when needed. All one has to do is talk to Swanenburg or Rivera and they will be able to help you set up an appointment. This closet is only for the students of Menchville “for right now,” Rivera says. “I am hoping that after I graduate,  NHS, students, and teachers will continue to donate and keep up with the closet so that not only students but other members of our community can come whenever it is needed.”

“It’s a bit small right now but not so small that we cannot help everyone who needs it.” They have had only a few donations from students and teachers and “need more participation when it comes to donating”. Whatever one has laying in their closet that they do not use anymore would be perfect. It doesn’t have to be brand new however, they will not turn down newly purchased items.

All types of clothes can be donated to the closet however undergarments that are not new, packaged, or in good condition are not accepted. Some items students can donate include socks, gloves, jackets, sweaters, t-shirts, and hats. They prefer to have the clothes freshly washed, however, they have access to the washing machine and dryer to clean the clothes before they go into the closet. If you are wondering where to find the closet, it can be found in  Swanenburg’s room, 141, which is located in the closest trailer next to the main building.