Menchville Rocks 2017 – Jailyn Commodore

Menchville Rocks 2017 - Jailyn Commodore

Bringing her voice to the Menchville Rocks stage for the first time on February 16th will be freshman Jailyn Commodore. Commodore will be singing two songs, “Treat You Better” by Shawn Mendes, and “Stupid Memories,” which is an original song.

“Stupid Memories” is hardly the first composition for Commodore, who has been writing her own songs since elementary school. This freshman’s singing career goes back just as far. Commodore has been singing and performing in talent shows since she was eight, and she is now a part of the choir at Menchville.

When asked what inspired her to participate in Menchville Rocks 2017, Commodore said, “to be heard and noticed.” Commodore loves to perform and share her talent with others, and she wants to take it further in the future. She hopes to one day make a career out of her R&B style singing.

While preparing for Menchville Rocks, Commodore is feeling a little nervous, but also very excited. On the feelings leading up to her performance, Commodore said, “I’m always nervous, but I feel pretty good about it because I really like both of the songs.”