Menchville Rocks 2020- Trevin Rounds


Courtesy of Trevin Rounds

Trevin Rounds will be singing in Menchville Rocks on Thursday, February 27.

Junior Trevin Rounds will be taking the stage at Menchville Rocks this year, singing one of his favorite songs by Ruel and another song that has yet to be determined.

While this is Rounds’s first time performing in Menchville Rocks, he is no stranger to the spotlight. Rounds has performed publicly about eight or nine times, including an appearance in last year’s Menchville’s Got Talent, where he won the People’s Choice Award for his performance of “All of Me” by John Legend.

“It is just fun, kind of a break from reality,” Rounds commented on performing.

Rounds tried out for Menchville Rocks last year, but was sick during auditions and was unable to claim a spot in the show. This year, he feels prepared for his performance.

“There might be a little bit that’s not [prepared], but I’d say I’m feeling pretty good.”

Come watch Trevin Rounds perform alongside other Menchville musicians at Menchville Rocks on Thursday, February 27 at 6:30 pm in the Menchville auditorium.