Menchville Rocks 2019- Manic Fusion

Menchville Rocks 2019- Manic Fusion

Aiden Crousore, Staff Writter

Menchville Rocks has a newly formed band in their midst. Michael Garrett, Michael Keel, Ben Long, and Bobby Wharton came together November of last year to form Manic Fusion. Garrett, Keel, and Long alternate between guitar and bass while Wharton takes his place on the drum set. This rock loving combination will be taking on a well known classic, Dani california by the Red Hot Chili Peppers and a not so well known classic, Shake down by The Grateful Dead.

Manic Fusion has a unique sound for the songs and plans to really nail this gig. While Garrett and Keel have both played publicly at open mic nights. This will be Whartons first time in front of an audience. Garrett says, although Wharton has just started to play the drums he does well keeping up with the more experienced band members. Garrett and Keel have played in Menchville Rocks twice before, for Long and Wharton this will be their first times. The music this group will play is rock/alternative rock and that is part of why they enjoy playing together. They all have a love for rock and roll.

Garrett says, “I like to play with people who are like me and have a relatable flow. It gives me a good feeling.” He also says that the new drums won’t slow you down because the tempo is not hard to keep and is easily relatable. Many friends want to see them play and Garrett said he doesn’t want to let them down.

Garrett says that playing in this event it is about the feeling and not the money. He thinks Menchville Rocks is a good cause that supports local charities. I asked Garrett if there was anything else he wanted to say and he said, “yes, Rock on man!”