Aaron Hodges Wins First Place Conference Debate Tournament

Senior Aaron Hodges placed first at the Conference Debate Tournament last week.

Hodges won first place in the Lincoln-Douglas category at the Tournament. In this category there is a focus on morals, values, and ethics. The category also encourages students to create logical arguments either for or against a controversial topic. The topic was “Should people in the United States by given free housing?” Debate coach and government teacher Arram Dreyer says is was a “difficult topic.”

Aaron received first after showing his knowledge and using his skills in the competition. Dreyer says Aaron did very well and he was “very impressed with Aaron’s performance.” Unfortunately, Hodges will not be able to go to the Regional tournament because of a scheduling conflict. Dreyer says “if he [Hodges] could go he would place highly.”

The Regional Debate Conference Tournament will be held on the first day of Spring Break.