Talk about Key Club

The Menchville Key Club has been doing an outstanding job this year. They  volunteered at the BC Charles Elementary Carnival, decorated at the Virginia Living Museum, helped out with the Hilton Hustle 5K, raised money for the Making Strides Organization, conducted an annual Blood Drive for the American Red Cross, and participated in a region wide Buckle-Up Campaign. There are 84 members in Key Club and on Wednesday December 14, 2016 they held their annual induction ceremony for new members. Thirty-two new members were inducted during the ceremony. Cierra Jones, president of the Key Club, said, “Menchville is the biggest Key Club on the Peninsula, and we have done over a 100 hours of community service as a club.”

Left to Right: Secretary-Katelynn Cheery, Historian-Alyssa Duong, Vice President-Josh Cerny, Treasurer-Garrett Satchell
Left to Right: Vice President- Josh Cerny, Coach Z, Secretary- Katelynn Cherry
Left to Right: Historian-Alyssa Duong, Secretary-Katelynn Cherry, Treasurer-Garrett Satchell
Cierra Jones, President of Key Club