MHS Bowling Club Recap

This school year, our bowling club had a very successful season with winning teams and a ton of school spirit for Menchville.

Back Row Left to Right: Ben Rawles, Kayla Morgan, Emily Chandler, Chellina Daniels, Sadiq Bella, Antonio Daniels, Jacob Bean, Joshua Mullens Front Row Left to Right: Ceylon Cook, Traci Hurst

Savannah Davidson, Staff Writer

Menchville’s bowling team once again won first place  in the Peninsula High School League which competes at York AMF Lanes.  The Menchville Bowling Club did a phenomenal job at maintaining their trophy for yet another year. The talented team includes members Ben Rawles, Emily Chandler, and Caylyn Cook, who will be moving on to the Peninsula High School District Championships to face off against the winning team from the Hampton Spacetimes League on February 18th. Senior, Traci Hurst, was awarded the MHS Bowling Club Top Female Bowler of the Year 2015-2016, scoring top games of 211 and 202 with an average of 151 for the year. Senior, Jacob Bean, was awarded the MHS Top Male Bowler of the Year 2015-2016, rolling two 600+ scoring three-man series this year, plus averaging 278 for the year.

The bowling team sponsor, Nancy Anderson, has been helping coach and support the Monarch’s with their bowling ability. This is the fourth season that Anderson has been a sponsor of the MHS Bowling Club. “The 2015-2016 season has been our most successful year ever in both membership and in bowling achievements” says Anderson.

The bowling club has been a part of Menchville High School for 28 years now. The first sponsor, Ms. Mary Pancoast, is now the league’s director. All three of her children  were all members of the club.

The Bowling Club meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays from November to February around 3:30-5:00pm at AMF York Lanes in Grafton, Virginia. Each team consists of three students who bowl against different schools.

Traci Hurst, MHS Bowling Club Top Female Bowler of the Year 2015-2016,
Courtesy of Nancy Anderson
Traci Hurst, MHS Bowling Club Top Female Bowler of the Year 2015-2016,
 Jacob Bean--MHS Top Male Bowler of the year 2015-2016
Courtesy of Nancy Anderson
Jacob Bean–MHS Top Male Bowler of the year 2015-2016