April- Trying Something New

One of the first words that comes to mind when thinking of the past year is: “boring”. With no new shows to watch or sports on, it began to feel like the days were just repeating on an endless cycle of boredom. One of the best ways to combat an overwhelming sense of boredom is to try new things. So, over Spring Break, we at the Lion’s Roar decided to each try one new thing.

Kalaya Gross – Over Spring break I went skateboarding. It was fun and scary as it was my first time trying it. However, I learned a lot about keeping balance all the while still having a good time. I would most definitely try it again.

Helaina Ballou – Over spring break, I tried to reorganize my closet which worked out really well.

Julian Banks – I tried a new restaurant called Viking Burger. I got a double cheeseburger with Viking sauce. Viking sauce is just chili. It was really good. Their sweet tea was also very good. Their fries weren’t that good to me. They were reminiscent of Five Guys. Although I didn’t like their fries I would go there again.

Matthew Swanenburg – Over spring break I tried something new and made dinner for myself and my mom. After eating the meal I made, I quickly learned that I should never try making food ever again. The meal I made was pretty bad, but I think I’ll have to try and redeem myself at some point and make some food that is actually edible.

Breanna Patierno – I took a road trip to Florida with my best friend and I learned more about her as a person and our friendship as a whole. It was an exciting experience; we almost got murdered at a motel (well at least in our heads), went into a bar for the first time (it was the only place that had food), documented our travels with a disposable camera, and met some pretty nice people along the way.

Kailani Vera – Over spring break, I tried out origami. It was not difficult at first. From the instructions, I learned various symbols that indicated what kind of folds to make. I made various animals, and I would fold origami again.

Beth Ellis – Over Spring Break, I spent a large majority of my time touring colleges. I was able to tour 5 colleges over spring break. These experiences allowed me to see the campuses of each college and get a feel for the school environment in person, rather than through a computer screen on a virtual tour, and will eventually help me narrow down my options of schools to enroll into after I graduate. The positive feedback that touring over break gave me has encouraged me to take time to tour my remaining two schools before making a final enrollment decision