May Lion’s Den – Mental Health Awareness Month

This month is National Mental Health Awareness Month. During this month our psychological well-being gets recognized as an important part of our own health, happiness, and productivity. This month especially is also the recognition of how we take care of ourselves and each other mentally and physically. We asked our staff what they do to take care of their mental well-being.

Matthew Swanenburg, Staff Writer-Some things I have done in order to take care of myself over the pandemic are continuing to exercise by running cross country and track, and by trying to be in contact with friends as much as possible.

Kailani Vera, Staff Writer-During the pandemic, I have taken breaks away from the computer in order to lessen screen time. I also walk outside and enjoy the nice weather.

Breanna Patierno, Staff Writer-To take care of myself, I take time away from the things that stress me out the most which is school, softball, and social media. Each night I take about an hour to focus on self-care which is basically listening to 70’s rock music while taking care of my skin. For me, music is a way to escape everything happening in the world for a minimum of three minutes. Three minutes is all it takes.

Kalaya Gross, Staff Writer-I’ve been spending a lot of my time outdoors working out and jogging in my community. I also meditate to help clear my mind when it’s needed.

Julian Banks, Staff Writer-I play video games and watch movies to take care of myself. I also play basketball.

Helaina Ballou, Staff Writer-Something that I do to take care of my mental health is listen to music because it helps me to take my mind off of school and other stressors in my life.

Beth Ellis, Staff Writer – To take care of myself and my mental health, I make sure to take breaks from my school work and my computer so that I am not overworking myself. I take time after school every day to do something relaxing, like reading a book, going outside, playing with my cats, or talking to my friends.