October-And How Does That Make You Feel?

Around the country, high school students are celebrating Homecoming with the traditional dance. Images on social media point to large gatherings of students at both indoor and outdoor locations. High schools in Newport News are not permitted homecoming dances this year due to COVID-19 safety concerns. The Lion’s Roar staff weighed in on the topic of the lack of a homecoming dance at Menchville High School for the 2021-2022 school year.


Leann Vo: How do I feel? I am sad. It was fun in the past and I feel like I am missing out this year. There are Instagram posts online from students in other districts going to their homecoming dance and it frustrates me. The other schools are participating so why can’t Newport News?

Justice Broadnax: It is bogus. It’s crazy because all of the ideas that were mentioned had been shut down. That’s the part that makes me that upset. The ideas that were given were not taken into consideration, that I know of. 

Kylee Berg: On one hand, if schools outside of our district are able to take part in a homecoming dance it is quite annoying that Newport News won’t let any of their schools participate. On the other hand, there has not been a dance in two years so I don’t think anyone expected to get a dance, but I really wanted it.

Ann Chappell Ellington: The district is being lazy because they are using COVID-19 as an excuse to not participate in certain events because clearly it can be done as evidence from other schools. The alternate types of dances, for example, having it outside or everyone is required to wear masks, none of those were considered.  I am upset because it is my senior year and wanted to have a final homecoming. Is that selfish? I don’t think so.

Grace Rivera: Personally I feel cheated. If we can come to school with crowded hallways shoulder to shoulder, back to front, with other students, in an enclosed location; why can’t we do that outside with music, masks, and fancier clothes? If what I have heard is true that the ideas, brought up to make the dance safer, which other school districts deemed acceptable, were shut down by Newport News public schools, then I will have no other emotion than extreme confusion. However, I do understand the circumstances and the desire to keep every student safe. It is just upsetting.