November – Lion’s Roar Thanksgiving Food Debate


Courtesy of Patrick Fitzgerald from Atlanta, Georgia

Around the country, individuals and families alike are preparing to celebrate Thanksgiving. From turkey, to green bean casserole, and mashed potatoes, no matter what a family prepares they are considered the ultimate comfort foods. This month, we asked Lion’s Roar members what their favorite Thanksgiving foods are.


Ann Chappell Elington: I enjoy mashed potatoes with gravy. I like to make a little divot to hold my gravy; I think it’s so fun. I love the fluffy consistency and the buttery flavor. Mashed potatoes make me think of my grandma because they were always her favorite and they would order them at restaurants all the time. I’m going to two ‘friends-givings’ this holiday season and I am bringing the mashed potatoes!


Kylee Berg: My favorite Thanksgiving food is pot roast because I don’t like turkey so my family decided to make it every year. I like the savory flavor and the meat is tender. Pairing the pot roast with mashed potatoes on the side completes my Thanksgiving. 


Leann Vo: I like mashed potatoes and corn pudding. Last year, I had my wisdom teeth taken out, and the only things I could eat were mashed potatoes and corn pudding and so it made me realize how delicious these both were. I could never decide which one is my favorite. 


Justice Broadnax: Mac and Cheese is my favorite Thanksgiving food. My mother rarely makes it because my father and brother don’t really like it so when my mother makes it I truly enjoy it. It’s the exact definition of a comfort food; it makes me feel happy. 


Grace Rivera: I really do not like Thanksgiving foods however, if I had to choose I would say that the best thanksgiving food would be my mother’s corn casserole. Every year, my mother would bring her famous corn casserole with her to our thanksgiving gatherings and people would take extra pieces to bring home. We would never have any leftovers even if my mother made two or three casseroles. It’s light, fluffy, and buttery. It’s the only way I would eat corn. No other ‘Thanksgiving food’ can compare to it.