December – Favorite Memories From This Time of Year


Courtesy of Lotus Head from Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire, Jack Frost nipping at our noses (quite aggressively I might add), with the weather changing so are the spirits. The Holiday season is upon us and at the Lion’s Roar we are all reminiscing on our favorite memories from this time of year.


Kylee- My favorite memory from this time of year is going to the mall and seeing the holiday shoppers. It’s like a Christmas movie. And seeing Santa and it reminds me of when I was young and taking pictures when I was young. 


Grace- Last year, during Covid I had the best time hanging out with my mother, aunt, and grandma. We watched Christmas Chronicles on Netflix as we decorated the tree, after coming home from the mall desperately trying to get our Christmas gifts for everyone! We made hot chocolate and made cookies. It was chilly outside and warm inside. The atmosphere, the company, and the comfort all around was just everything I’ve ever dreamed of and more. It was the absolute best memory. 


Leann- One of my favorite Christmas memories took place last year. It was Christmas eve, me and my family made gingerbread houses, drank hot chocolate, and opened our Christmas presents from each other. My brother went to his car and brought in my mother’s gift. It was a 5’ tall giraffe, her favorite animal. She was so ecstatic and the wrapped up giraffe provided a great background next to our tree for our family Christmas photo. My mother loved the gift so much until she noticed the price tag dangling from its neck. We ended up returning it after New Years but it provided much needed joy and laughter after the tough year. 


Anayah- My favorite memory is when my aunt comes to Virginia from Colorado. We spend time together getting into all types of trouble but the good kind because we’re having fun. 


Jesalynn- My favorite memory is probably waking up on Christmas day to a huge layer of snow outside and it was beautiful. I loved it and after that, we opened presents with all of my family there. 


Ann Chappell- During my 8th-grade year, my geometry teacher told us that our class was going to have a quiz no matter what day we came back from break. We were snowed in for most of January and ended up only having 4 days of the rest of the month. Not only was our quiz canceled, so were the rest of our semester exams. 


Justice- My favorite memory is probably making Christmas cookies with my dad. We would go to the store and get the Pillsbury sugar cookies that come in the pack ready to bake. Then we will stay up all night watching scary movies, yes I know it’s Christmas time, not Halloween but it’s just what we do now.