Menchville Rocks 2018 – (M)Power


Supreet Singh

(M)Power (from left to right) Mario Jones, Layla Zambrana, Chellina Daniel, Erika Gwynn and Noah Biava

(M)Power, a singing and dancing group, will debut for the first time at Menchville Rocks 2018, this Thursday, February 22. The group is composed of Mario Jones, Noah Biava, Lina Daniel, Erika Gwynn, and Leyla Zambrana are all experienced performers as members of (M)Pulse, Menchville’s famous show choir.

Most of the members have also performed outside of (M)Pulse. Zambrana has been singing and dancing since she was two, and Jones was the host of Menchville Rocks last year.  Biava said the group entered Menchville Rocks “to give people a taste of [their] brightness.” He continued, “I’m excited to make people laugh whether it’s because we are doing well, or messing up”.

Though the group is undoubtedly stretched thin between rehearsals for (M)Pulse and rehearsing for their own group, as well as other activities and responsibilities, Jones’ summed up the sentiments of the group perfectly- “We’re here to entertain”.