Menchville Rocks 2018 – The Boon Big Band


Laura Madler

The Boon Big Band will be bringing a jazz vibe to the Menchville Rocks concert.

This Thursday, February 22, marks the Menchville Rocks debut of the Boon Big Band. They are a large jazz instrumental group comprised of band students Mark Kohlman, Jahvin Purnell, Nick Gonzalez, John Kropp, Chris von Schmidt-Pauli, Chandler Mullins, Brendan Coviello, Isak Crane, Loyce White, and Alonzo Alston-Bowens.

The band was previously called “Jazz in Progress,” but was renamed this year. Junior Mark Kohlman, a saxophonist in the group, explains the meaning behind the name Boon Big Band- “The word “boon” means something beneficial to one’s self, and that’s kind of what music is.”

Boon Big Band plans to perform an original piece that has been in the works since last year. Kohlman says their piece for Menchville Rocks was inspired by Charles Mingus’s song “Moanin’.”

Although they’ve been working hard in rehearsal, there is one part of the piece that can’t be perfected in practice, and that is the section improvised solos. During the musical solos, band members have a chance to make up something to play on the spot, relying on their own skill and creativity. Kohlman is anxious to see how that will turn out in a performance setting, but excited for the band’s Menchville Rocks debut.