Menchville Rocks 2018 – Virtuoso


Laura Madler

Virtuoso plan to hype up the crowd at Menchville Rocks this year with their popular selections and mash-ups.

The singing group Virtuoso will step into the spotlight this year and perform at the annual Menchville Rocks showcase. Virtuoso consists of juniors Jazsmein Singleton, Quayvon Hilberton, Anaya Berry, and sophomore Neveah Brown. While this will be the first year they are presenting as a group, Singleton and Hilbert are not new to the Menchville Rocks scene; they have been performing as a duo since their sophomore year.

Virtuoso will perform a variety of songs this year, from original content, to covers of popular songs. This is similar to the type of music Hilberton and Singleton have performed in the past, but the group said they can’t wait to see how much better they can do this year.  They are excited to see how the group can make it more interesting and get the crowd more involved. “The best part [about performing] is when the crowd gets hyped with you.” said Singleton.

Now that the concert is rapidly approaching, the pressure is on as acts prepare for the big performance. Yet, Virtuoso seems as calm as ever. Hilberton remarked, “I trust in the art; that’s all I have to say.”