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Beth Ellis
Committed to graduate in 2021, Beth Ellis is a staff writer for the Menchville Lion's Roar. She is also a member of Menchville's archery team. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, writing, listening to music, and talking to her friends. Beth has always had a passion for writing, and considered it an important skill. This is what led her to take Journalism this year, where she plans to work on improving her writing skills.

Beth Ellis, Staff Writer

Jan 11, 2021
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Oct 27, 2020
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Dec 12, 2019
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Apr 25, 2019
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Apr 17, 2019
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Apr 09, 2019
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Apr 09, 2019
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Dec 18, 2018
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Oct 25, 2018
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Oct 18, 2018
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Dec 19, 2017
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