The Importance of Summer Reading


Beth Ellis

Many of the books from the 2019 summer reading list discuss topics of war and friendship.

Beth Ellis, Staff Writer

It is almost the end of the school year, and summer is approaching fast. While this is a relief to students and teachers, students cannot ignore the fact that they are not completely free of assignments during the summer. Summer reading projects are assigned to high school students every year, and while most students feel they are useless and a waste of time, the U.S. Department of Education cites several studies that shows that students who don’t read over the summer ” see their reading abilities stagnate or decline.”

Summer reading may seem useless to students, but it is actually very beneficial to students. It exposes students to books they wouldn’t have thought to read otherwise, and it prepares students for the kinds of assignments and chosen literature to expect in their English or Literature classes next year.

“Summer reading assignments are important, especially in high school, because a lot of times the books you are reading are getting you prepared for things you will learn that year, and they also keep you sharp over the summer. Personally, had I known how important summer reading books and assignments would be this school year, I would have actually done my summer reading instead of putting it off because I thought it to be unimportant,” said Junior Ethan Matthews.

Summer reading assignments also give students a reminder that although they are on summer break, they still are required to go to school next year, and it prepares them for the transition after the long break by keeping their brains active and used to school-related activities.

In the past, there have been specific assignments that go along with the books on the list. This year, English teachers will give students assignments based on their chosen book at the beginning of the school year.

The books on the list this year are written in a wide variety of genres, such as Sci-Fi, Nonfiction, and Realistic and Historical Fiction. The types of books on the list also vary from plays and autobiographies to futuristic and historical novels. They also introduce and discuss a number of topics and themes; however, many of the books cover the topics of war and friendship, and overcoming personal struggles.

The summer reading list this year can be found here.