National Honor Society Inducts New Members

The Menchville chapter of the National Honor Society welcomed forty-nine new members Wednesday, April 10 in an induction in the auditorium. The ceremony began with an introduction from Mr. Surry, followed by speeches by four current National Honor Society members. Guest speaker Christopher Chappell, a former history teacher for Menchville, delivered a speech relating to his love of history, as well as his love for the students. After the speeches, the inductees were called forward and performed the traditional candle-lighting induction ceremony.

The following students were inducted into the National Honor Society:

Charlotte Acker

Emmeline Batcha

Harrison Cobb

Mary Frances Crain

Tyler Davis

Connor Dewall

Erim Direskeneli

Kayla Egnot

Marina Emblidge

Hannah Ferguson

Kelsey Fogarty

Caitlyn Gaylor

Sophie Gere

Addison Gilbert

Brynne Gomez

Glenna Gomez

Mikayla Hartman

Payton Hayes

Ashlyn Herring

Courtney Hodge

Ethan Howerton

Nathaniel Jones

Alyssa Lambert

Elliot Lawler

Blake Lupico

Laura Madler

Ana Martinez

Riley Maynard

Megan Melzer

Kaleigh Miller

Claire Morello

Yewon Namkung

Makalah Rhodes

Victoria Rimes

Marlie Rivera

Alondra Rivera-Pena

Lauren Satchell

Jessica Sigsbee

Karan Singh

Christian Skrypski

Tyler Vo

Daniel Vobrak

Christopher Von Schmidt-Pauli

Chloe Walseth

Jax Warner

Te’ah Washington

Tiannah Washington

Madison Webb

Cole Younger