World Language Honor Societies Welcome New Inductees

Beth Ellis, Staff Writer

The World Language Honor Society welcomed new inductees on Thursday, November 14.

ROTC Cadets opened the ceremony with the presentation of the colors. Assistant Principal Michell Banks welcomed the parents and spoke  about the importance of learning a foreign language. She then congratulated the students on their success before the inductees were announced.

The following students were inducted into the Spanish Honor Society:

Nayeli Ayala

Jake Blackburn

Hayden Boward

Alexandra Cerny

Nora Correiro

Won Heo

Emae Klompenhouwer

Isabel Marstellar

Sharon Namkung

Emily Odachowski

Ally Paxton

Skylar Rawls

Samuel Shepley

Alexandra Swanenburg

Rileigh Weaver

Atiana Williams

The following students were inducted into the German Honor Society:

Helaina Ballou

Dwight Beane

Jacob Borgeson

Danielle Clark

Daeja Clarke

Amilyah High

Jamila Jones

Anastasia Jovanovic

Nike Lin

Ragan Maynard

Jayla McCoy

James Richardson

The following students were inducted into the French Honor Society:

Sophie Adkins

Sydney Balus

Mikaela Banks

Evans Connor

Ann Chappell Ellington

Jack Franklin

Mason Hill

Jael Rollocks

Zoe Villarreal