Show Your Spirit: The Importance of Virtual Spirit Week


Pete Mercier

Flashback to Spirit Week 2019

Spirit Week at Menchville will look different this year, but it is HAPPENING NOW. The SCA is sponsoring a virtual spirit week from Monday, October 26 to Friday, October 30. Students, teachers, and staff members are all encouraged to take part in this event, and share their school spirit outfits online for a chance to win a prize. Those that submit photos of their outfits all four days will be entered to win an even bigger grand prize. Students and staff can also submit their photos to be put in this year’s yearbook.

Since school is happening via zoom, events continue to be canceled, and social distancing rules are still being enforced, it is difficult for students to connect with their teachers and with each other, and maintain their school spirit and motivation in school. Although it will be much different in a virtual setting, continuing the tradition of spirit day is important because it gives students a small feeling of normalcy, and reminds them that they are not alone in these difficult circumstances. It also helps to renew any school spirit that was lost through virtual learning, and allows students and teachers to find out how creative they can become while still at home.

The spirit day themes are as follows:

Monday: Spirit Day

Tuesday: Pajama Day

Thursday: Throwback Thursday

Friday: Halloween Costume

School rules and dress code still apply for all costumes this week.

Submit your photo for the daily contest here. To upload your photos to the yearbook, click here.

For more information and updates on spirit week, follow the Lion’s Roar, Menchville’s SCA, and the Menchville page on Twitter @MHSLionsRoar, @MenchvilleSCA, and @MenchvilleHS, respectively. Information is also posted on the Lion’s Roar Instagram page, @mhslionsroar.